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Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2018


For some reason today I thought about this blog again, about writing.
I haven't even visited it for the last,... 3-5 years?
After reading a few posts I realized I have missed this quite a bit. 
I have nothing exciting to tell, no stories up my sleeve.
Still studying (actually changed my subject this semester so it will take me a while) and procrastinating on uni work (still have about 10 more pages to work through).

I don't know if I will keep writing as I am super busy and I honestly don't have much to blog about  but this feels good right now.


Mittwoch, 20. August 2014


Hello beauties!
Been a while, many things happened but I'm happy to be back again on here.
So this is one of my fave nail-looks at the moment (and probably ever 'cause I'm obsessed with stripes and black and white) and it's super easy! All you need is a black base and a white varnish with a long and thin brush.
I prefer to draw the stripes onto the black base as I just find it easier and you will more likely get a white tip polish at any drugstore than a black one. 
Also I find this design looks better on square nails than on oval ones.

Thank you for your kind attention,

Dienstag, 8. April 2014



Got some exciting news! 
Well, at least exciting for me: I WILL BE MOVING! Out of my parents' home. Yes.
Alex is a big girl now.
I will not be moving too far tho only about 40km from here but stiiilll!
My friend an I will be sharing a flat in a bigger city in western Germany and we are thrilled to move into our lovely first flat in June, woheey.

On top of my to-do list is finally having a proper place to be able to blog and take pics and maybe even videos (if anyone is interested!) 

Enough of that, I told you I have been to Beauty International Düsseldorf and I will not show you what I got there just yet but I will leave you with my face of that day as I loved my make-up which was kind of based on a clown. Yeaah... But I loved it and I had fun with it.
Sorry for the bad quality it was just a quick phone shot of my face in the break and the camera does not pick uo the colours correctly but here you have it:

 It was a bright blue blended eye by sugarpill in afterparty plus some dark blue eyeliner, a pink lip with an (originally) faded blue center which I changed at some point in the day to a heart. Brows, lashes, done. Loved this one much.

Donnerstag, 27. März 2014



Today I felt like cheating.
Not on my (imaginary) boyfriend but on my diet!
Usually I try to follow a  raw vegan lifestyle which is the 80/10/10 diet if you already tried it out you will love it but for someone without a sweet toth (in particular: me) it is hard to be a 100% consequent. But still I try to stick to it most of the time. Not this morning 'tho.  

So here's my first "food post" with instructions on how to make vegan chololate croissants!
I'ts not difficult at all and you only need two things!

To begin with you need: vegan fluff paste (often they use milk/butter in it so be careful 'bout that!) and vegan chocolate spread (you can also use cheese cream or jam if you like)

Unroll the fluff paste so it is flat and with a knife you first cut it half, then you cut those halves diagonal.
(TIP: leave the paste outside of the fridge for at least 5mins so it can warm up otherwise it will crack like it did on the left side)

Then you spread some of your chocolate on one of the triangles and start rolling it up from the long side

Important: try to roll it that way that the very peak is just in the middle of your croissant!

 Roll it all up but don't get it too tight otherwise it won't be as fluffy as it's supposed to

 Your finished result sould look something like that

 Then bend it

 Et voilà!

If you messed some of the paste up like me you can still make mini-croissants out of the rest

Then you put everything into the oven.
I use air circulation and about 180° (sould be between 350-375 fahrenheit or 4/5 on gas) and I leave them in the oven for about 15-22 minutes.


So this is how they sould look like after about 17 minutes. I must admit I did only eat one of those little devils. Not 'cause I'm afraid to gain weight but simply because I really want to stick to my 80/10/10 diet as I know how much better I feel eating mostly raw fruit and greens so I had one croissant along with an orange and two bananas.

Thank you very much for your attention<3



Hello and good bye!
NO, not yet! Two posts within two days, huh? Pretty amazing I'd say!
Just a quick 'what's on my eyes'!
So I've been growing back my eyebrows so they are all bushy and thick. Or at least they look as if they are when they are filled in, hah! 
Okay, here we go:
As a base I used a matte grey shadow on the lid with  Alva's pigment 'Autumn Joy' on top.
As for the spiky liner I mixed some Alva pigment in 'Promise' with a mixing solution and applied it in downwards strokes with my Real Techniques  'fine liner brush' to get the rough shape of the liner. Once done I filled them in with the same mixture and applied dots in between the gaps. As the last step I put another darker liner just across the lash line to darken things up. Mascara and DONE!

xoxo Alex