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Dienstag, 20. September 2011

My first blog entry ever!

Well, hello there!
I've got a little story to tell you:
Once there was a small-town girl from Germany who was very into make-up.
Her name was Alexandra and when 'Alex' found out that 'The Make-Up Show' would come to Berlin, she got very excited, it was like a dream come true!
Little Alex met many lovely people but one girl especially  inspired her: beauty and fashion blogger Felicia Walker Benson from  www.thisthatbeauty.com .
In a small group of about 10 people, Felicia answered questions and talked about how to become a successful blogger.

 3 important things she taught us:
  • treat your blog 'like a business'
  • be passionate
  • be humble 
I want to thank you for inspiring me, you were so kind and lovely.
So my first blog entry is dedicated to you, Felicia.
It was a pleasure to spend some time with you talking and laughing and being inspired by you <3

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