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Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012



A week ago I accidently scared one of our ballet dancers when I called her back to me. I guess she thought I was mad at her, poor girl looked really confused!
Actually I just wanted to take a closer look at her beautiful make-up.
She was about to go backstage to prepare for that night's "swan lake" but hair and make-up were already done and she just looked stunning!
She was lovely and inspired me to do a ballerina make-up look so here we go:

-super heavy foundation applied with REAL TECHNIQUES' FOUNDATION BRUSH (no buffing just a thick layer of make-up! haha)
-bronzer around the hairline, cheekbones, jawline and nose
-pink blush (ALVA- shiny pink) on the sides of the face (cheekbones and temples)

-brown eyeshadow to outline the rough shape of the lines (plus a bit blending)
-BARRY M's DAZZLE DUST in #98 applied with some mixing solution for the upper und lower lines
-LIME CRIME's MEDUSA for the blending
-LIME CRIME's TOP HATTIE on the rest of the lid to the tear duct and outer corner of the eye
-simple black eyeliner to the upper lashline
-massive lashes! ( I used EYELURE in 206 NATURALITES)
-brown shadow applied wet to the eyebrows
Then for some more fun I applied browgel and dabbed some OCC glitter in MIRRORBALL onto wet brows.
Finally LIME CRIME's CAROUSEL GLOSS in CHERRY ON TOP and some ABRACADABRA pigment  and we're done!


Montag, 17. Dezember 2012


Hi y'all!
Quick one: my fave lipbalm for ages: YAOH in mango<3
Smells divine!
Yaoh also sell moisturizers and (as far as I remember) hair care products.


Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012


This will not be a post 'bout make-up or anything like that.
It is Wednesday as I type this which means Monday was just two days ago.
Only two days and there are no words on this planet that can describe how much I want to turn back time to go back to Monday evening just before the last Alexisonfire concert started.

Monday 7.30pm:
We arrive at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London.
There are already a bunch of people queueing in front and around the corner of the venue.
The atmosphere is a mixture of anxiousness and happiness as everyone knows what is about to come: the end.
We get in.
The show starts.

The Ghost Of A Thousand open the show as the opening act.
Let me tell you I've never seen such a good opening act and I've been to many concerts!
TGoaT announced their break-up in early 2011 after 7 years of being a band and touring with Alexisonfire, Saosin and many other bands.
Especially for this event they came back together.
Just for this one night.

They play for 45 awesome mins and then leave an amazed crowd and the stage.

The tension is huge, everyone is excited for it to begin but also no one wants it as it means the end of an era.

Lights are dimmed, people scream, the show finally begins, the sound is earsplitting.
Alexisonfire appear, "You missed us?" Yes we did.
They play for two hours, 23 songs which feel like a second.
I remember standing there in the crowd being an emotional disaster, dancing, screaming, singing and crying for about 1 1/2 hours 'til they leave the stage just to come back for a final encore of 30 mins.

As the concert comes to an end and George, Wade, Dallas, Chris and Jordan come to the front of the stage to say goodbye to their fans and all I think is "So this is continuous happiness?".
They stay for a bit  in incessant cheers and it feels like eternity, then then leave the stage.
As the lights illuminate the hall and it's clear that those were the last sounds of Alexisonfire for so many of us  that this final show is the end, people burst into tears.
I could not help myself but cried my eyes out.

We grabbed our coats and went outside to the back door where we expected the gusy to come out.
After a while of waiting in the freezing cold night finally Wade sneaked out, then George and then Dallas.
There were around 20-30 people waiting with us (which seemed really weird to me as there were so many at the concert!)
All of them were really kind and took time to talk to every one of us, take pictures and sign our stuff.
As I talked to George and took my pic with him I told him I saw them just one day after my 18th birthday back in 2009 for the first and only time and that I feel heartbroked  and very emotional 'bout their break-up.
He was so sweet and one could see that he felt the same way.
As we kept chatting he asked us where we came from and was amazed that there were people who came to the UK from France and Germany and many other countries just to celebrate this special and last concert with them.
Further he apologized for not being able to play more gigs in Europe and other places ("It was a really tough decision and we feel honestly so sorry that we left out Germany [...]")

Well, as this post is already too long I will stop now!
Just a few more words:
This night was incredible and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Yours sincerely,
devastated, heartbroken, happy and sad at the same time

Freitag, 30. November 2012


im in london right now typing this on my phone but i have got plenty of stuff to shaaare!


Mittwoch, 28. November 2012


All right!

I wanted to introduce you to a lovely lady I talk to on Facebook, she's a blogger, too and just gorgeous!
Say hi to Juli!
She's a food blogger from Jena, Germany and she's amazing and lovely.
I must say I am rubbish at following blogs regulary but this one I do visit at least three times a week. Unfotrunately she does blog in German so not all of you will be able to read it but she's lovely so if you ask her for any recipe she might translate it for you!
We have pretty much the same interests, she's a vegan, too, into make-up and we basically like the same kind of music so we planned on visiting a concert in London together (which unfortunately will not happen) .
Well, you should check out her blog 'cause she's amazing!  

Much love,

Dienstag, 27. November 2012


I might say this is the most discussed news in the vegan beauty world at the moment!

URBAN DECAY who stand for cruelty free  and vegan "beauty with an edge" are selling out to one ot the top 3 cruel make-up companies EVER!
Yes, it is true. 
After they announced they would sell their products in china (which requires animal testing) and caused a massive shitstorm so that they backed off I thought they would have learned their lesson but obviously this is not the case. 
Now L'oreal announced yesterday that they would buy out Urban Decay Cosmetics.
YES, thanks you disgusting people, that is just a stab in every vegan's and animal lover's back.
I mean seriously?!
After I found out that same thing happened to The Body Shop a few years ago I immediately stopped buying their products.
And now it's UD's turn, right?
Though both companies (UD and The Body Shop) point out they still maintain their policies and remain vegan and cruelty free I would NEVER ever buy any of their products again or support them in any possible way.
In fact this statement is just pathetic and embarrassing.
How can anyone be that cruel? I didn't expect anything good from L'oreal (in fact I did expect them to be mean, cruel and guileful) but Urban Decay disappointed me a second time and enough is enough!
I left them two comments on their Facebook saying how disappointed I am and how fucked up they are that I hate them now and that I will tell everyone I know about their cruel tampering.
Then I disliked then.
This is pretty much everything I can do to boycott them- and so do you!
If you care spread the world.
Let everyone who cares bout animals know what pathetic scum the people of Urban Decay have become.

So yeah, this is it.
This news ruined my night.
But everyone has it's number, right?
This is so fucked up.

Much love

disappointed, pissed off, full of hate and disgust.

Sonntag, 18. November 2012


Did you know that LUSH also stocks cosmetics? 
I did not which was surprising when I visited the store the last time I went shopping in Dortmund!
This lip product I picked up is quite similar to OCC's lip tar though it's not as liquid as the lip tars. There were also eyeliners but I must say they disappointed me much as they were not as pigmented as I imagined them to be (I'd probably just use them blended over the lid as a base).
Back to the lip products: they've had many different colours from bright to dark and from soft to strong but I went for this super pink blueish one (called PASSION)!
I must say I haven't worn it out yet but from what I can see from the swatches it stays on well and stains ones lips (or in this case the back of my hand) really much!
So be careful with that one.


Montag, 12. November 2012


All right, I was absent for way too long and I feel so sorry and awful but the last two months have been crazy! But as I promised I'm back with (hopefully) cool new stuff!
I've been shooting with a different photographer this time, his name is Moritz Paul and we've been shooting for the first time together with a lovely and beautiful IMG model called Lea.

Now I'll probably just stop babbling and show you the pictures: (click to see them in full size!)

Take care

Freitag, 2. November 2012


I feel bad for not posting anything at the moment but there is just too much stuff to do right now.
BUT I will be having more time soon! So there is more stuff to come in the near future. 
Much love,

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012


Heya everyone!

You may have noticed that I have not blogged anything whilst I was in the UK.
Well, that is due to the fact that I was really busy and also things did not work out the way they should so now I'm back home again!
I'm not sad about it, we talked and both sides aggreed that it was for the best.
The family was lovely but not the right one for me and I was not the right one for them.

Will be blogging on a regular basis again!

muuuch love

Samstag, 22. September 2012


Heya ladies!

I'm so busy packing my stuff, meeting friends, spending time with my family and trying not to freak out!
I will be blogging in a few days again<3

Much love,

Montag, 17. September 2012


Hello beautiful ladies!
I am a big fan of weird make-up (as you might already know) and I love skulls!
So when I found this pic on facebook I was thrilled to recreate it.
Too bad I forgot the MUA behind this super cool look but it's just amazing anyway!
The make-up took me about 60-90mins (quite easy) and I used white greasepaint, black eyeliner and black shadow. 


Sonntag, 16. September 2012



About a week ago I visited LUSH in Dortmund with my dear friend Jana ( <3 ) and the lovely ladies there were so excited bout my nails that I decided to show them how I did it.
So this one is especially for them!

First of all I applied SANGRIA by China Glaze as a base (2 coats) and let them COMPLETELY dry (very important)
 Then I picked 3 other varnishes for the blending part  (L to R: metallic red, deep plum, deep red)
 Butter London KNEES UP, Butter London LA MOSS, China Glaze EVENING SEDUCTION
 Then you need some foil 
Then you need a few cosmetic sponges (the cheap ones that one can get everywhere!)
 Add a bit of your metallic red varnish (I like to blend from brightest to darkest)

 Dab the structured side of it into your polish and work it into the sponge
The next step is to press the sponge lightly onto your nails from the tip to the middle or 2/3 of your nails
 Then it should look like this ( let dry inbetween the coats!)
 Add your darker colour now

 You have to be more careful with that one as there can be a harsh line when you don't blend well
 Then apply LA MOSS like you did before so that the most colour is at the tip and finish with your darkest varnish at the very tip of the nails
 Add a topcoat (and clean up the mess)
Left with, right without topcoat. DONE

Thanks for your attention<3

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012


Okay HI!

I promised to do a video 'bout how to get very inexpensive brush guards.
So this is my first video EVER and I hope you'll find it helpful!


Sonntag, 2. September 2012


Hi beautiful ladies!

KNACKERED by Butter London is a gorgeous silvery varnish with a blue, green and purple shimmer to it and beautiful sparkles that change colour depending on how the light hits it. 
Beautiful over a dark varnish (blue, green, purple, black) or on it's own.


Freitag, 31. August 2012


Let me introduce you to something, you probably already know! Haha! But I just "recently" got my hands on this little helper (actually a few months ago but forgot to blog about it) and I quite like it!

*drummroll*  It's "The Brush Guard" *yaay*
ALTHOUGH I think they are much too expensive they are still a must-have!
I really like to use them after washing my brushes to keep the shape (keep in mind they will dry longer!) 
They come in three different sizes to fit every brush head. There is a very thin one for linerbrushes, two bigger ones for eyeshadow-/lip-/concealerbrushes then two for a bit bigger ones (those fit brushes like Real Techniques setting brush) and one for the really fat ones (powder, blush, kabuki, ect).  I will be doing a video on how to do your own brush guards soon (didn't forget you, Juli!) so keep checking my blog (oh this will be my first video! Of course in English) if you want to see it. Very simple and cheap

Mittwoch, 29. August 2012



These have been my fave varnishes of the summer as they are lovely and beautiful and bright!
They are  PILLAR BOX RED, HAMLET and TROUT POUT (left to right).


Dienstag, 28. August 2012


Hello beautiful people,

I've got exciting news: in exactly 4 weeks I'll be off to the UK for one year!
I found a lovely family to stay with and take care of three beautiful children! 
I am so thrilled as I love the UK and this will be the first time I will be away from home for a long time.

Going to be in Surrey and just about 40mins away from central London *-*

So yeah, that's one reason why I've been busy the last few weeks.
Still have many posts to prepare and took many pics so I've not been tooooo lazy lately.

Sending much love to y'all<3

Dienstag, 21. August 2012


Hello ladies!

I've been asked by the lovely Kayla whether I'd like to be in her blog hop post =)
Also I've been picked to be among the top 3 featured bloggers (thank you for that!<3)
You should definitely have a look at the others, they are great! 
Also follow them if you like, I did and I'm sure you won't regret=)
Here's the link!

Have an awesome week!

Lots of love,

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012


Oh hello!
Sadly I'll not be able to post anything 'til Monday BUT I've got two important things to share!
So stay tuned for updates.
Just felt like informing you so the people I've already talked to 'bout these news don't think I forgot. I just am too busy at the moment and also one post needs a bit of research!
Soooo have a great weekend!
See ya Monday again


Sonntag, 12. August 2012


Don't think I've introduced you to Butter London's BOSSY BOOTS properly. Apologies for that!
My mom hates this one and is always complaining why I like to wear it that much, haha!
Just like every Butter London polish this one is very pigmented and you only need 2 coats of it to have an opaque application.
It's a pastel mint green (which I like a lot at the moment! Used to hate pastel) 
Not streaky, not gooey -> Yes, sir! 

sending looove,

Mittwoch, 8. August 2012


They come up with so many cool looks!
But this one is a re-creation of a Tom Ford visual 
(click HERE to see the video!)
I personally love make-up that you normally wouldn't wear on a daily basis and this one is one of those to me!
It's just so different from the stuff that I usually wear, the eyes are very much blended, there are no harsh lines and the colour is just gorgeous! I especially like it with very pale skin and no blusher but contouring.
Oh and I am aware of the fact that this kinda make-up makes you look sick (but that's just what I like about it!)
You certainly could wear it with a tan but that's not what I went for.
 So this is what I used:
-Hour Glass Foundation in NUDE
-Sugarpill pressed eyeshadow in BUTTERCUP
-Lime Crime pigment in CIRCUS GIRL (inner corner and lid)
-Lime Crime pigment in NYMPH (inner corner) 


Dienstag, 7. August 2012


I saw this pic on FB today, thought it was stunning and sat down to recreate it. 
It took me 25 minutes and is super easy!
Since the lips are soo perfect the eyes are kept simple with just a bit brown/greyish eyeshadow, black coal pencil in the eye and mascara.
Her foundation is flawless and there is no blusher but a bit contouring around the cheeks. 
For the lips I used OCC's NSFW mixed with a bit RX (actually a bit too much RX, it turned out too purple but looked brown in the picture) and applied it with a concealer brush by bdellium (you gotta be careful with those little OCC guys, they stain EVERYTHING! My green brush is now red and blue.)

                                                  (I look like a goth in those pics, haha!)


Samstag, 4. August 2012


I've just recently bought those two boys: KISS THE BRIDE and OUI. 
Though they did not blow me out of my socks they are still good (I'm just too spoilt by China Glaze atm!).
KISS THE BRIDE is a beautiful opaque soft pink shade.
OUI is a purple with a ton of golden glitter to it and it reminds me of China Glaze's MIDTOWN MAGIG (my fave. atm!)
Unfortunately I find ORLY varnishes do chip quite fast (booh!)
Well, that's all for now.


Freitag, 3. August 2012

Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

NAVY BLUE- blue, blue, blue,..

Navy. navy, navy blue!
I love blues, I lovelovelove blues!
I love the navy look, think it's absolutely beautiful. Instantly fell in love with this guy.
It's Butter London's ROYAL BLUE<3
The colour doesn't appear as beautiful as it is on this pic but it's just gorgeous.
Also it looks stunning with  DIAMOND GEEZER  and I like to wear those colors as a french manicure.

Nothing more to say today!
If you have any Ideas or questions on looks or reviews just let me know!
Looking forward to write a longer post in the future again.

Sending much love to y'all!

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012


Hello beautiful people!
I have a "serious" issue that I wanted to tell you about.
Well, when I first researched vegan nail polishes I came across many brands I did not know yet.
One of them was SPA RITUAL.
Just like NUBAR the colours were nice and unique and I really wanted to try them out someday. Well, and just like NUBAR this one has extremely disappointed me in every possible way!
I honestly have nothing good to say about SPA RITUAL except for that the colours are lovely!
First of all I bought them more than 5 weeks ago! Yes, I've waited to write this review because when I first tried them out I got sooo mad that this post would  be more like a hate letter than a review (if you think this is extreme, you should have seen me when I first applied them! haha).
And also I thought maybe I would change my mind and maybe like them after all but I DO NOT!
I am sorry.
I was so excited when I bought them and the woman I got them from was lovely and gave me a discount on them when I told her I was going to review them on my blog but NO, SIR! I don't like them.
Okay, here are my reasons why those guys probably will never appear on my nails:

-they look awesome in the bottle but are not even pigmented enough to cover smoothly
-I needed 5 freaking coats of the blue/purple and green!
-I ended up with marks on my nails after they were dry just because 5 layers are TOO.EFFING.MUCH!
-the pastel yellow colour is streaky and gooey 
-3 coats are not enough to get an even coverage with the yellow one
-and the brush is annoying 

I will probably never wear them again except for as a topcoat over a base or in water marble designs.
Oh, one positive aspect 'bout them: they're vegan!
That's all I had to say.