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Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012


Hi dolls<3
This is my second look using LIME CRIME<3 I really fell in love with that stuff! The colors are beautiful!
I looked through the colors and thought I'd do something with all the pinkish/reddish tones 

Eyes: "Cupcake Thief" as a base all over the lid
then "Abracadabra" in the crease, softly blended
"Siren" added in the crease to deepen it up
"Top Hattie" on the brow bone
"Nymph" in the inner eye corner 
to finish the eyes: curl your lashes, apply mascara, eyeliner and fake lashes and the eyes are DONE!
Lips: Carousel Gloss in "Cherry On Top"
Cheeks: I used some "Glamour 101" mixed with my foundation to get a nice pinkish shade and applied it to the apples of my cheeks 

(  No, I'm not naked ;) )

Thank you for your attention


  1. Wow again!!!! I'm so jelous of your make-up skills xD

  2. Wow, gorgeous. Lol, I didn't even begin to think you might be naked, but I can see where someone might get that idea!

  3. Such a lovely look! That lip colour is fantastic!!

  4. So pretty! I have been reading your blog, and I was wondering- what foundation and concealer do you use?
    I have pale skin like you, and find it hard to find foundation/concealer that comes pale enough...

  5. thank you, lovelies!
    @sophia: i just mixed my normal foundation ("Rituals...' precious amethyst & pure minerals" foundation in #3) which suits my skin tone with a white drugstore greasepaint!
    i'm not even that pale (you also have to consider that those photos were also retouched!) but I would not reccomend using my "technique" apart from a shooting just because it wouldn't look good on anybody in real life!
    I haven't tried them out but i think OCC (obsessive compulsive cosmetics, 100% vegan!!) tinted moisturizers or airbrush foundations could help you! http://www.occmakeup.com/tint.html i might get those myself in the next couple of weeks or you just look through the other blogs and find someone that already wrote a review about it!

    hope i could help you a bit


  6. Such a pretty look, I love the reds/pinks! Lime Crime has such pretty stuff! :)

    Principessa Gabriella