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Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012


Hello, hallo, hi!
I wanted to do this for a while now, let me introduce you to: 
He is an awesome photographer from Germany (he also makes videos btw!) 
and I'm very proud to be able to work with him in front and behind the camera! 
(Yes, true! He will be very pleased to hear that since I'm always giving him a hard time x) )

These are a few of the pics from the last shooting:




We also made a video together 

Or click here if you can't open the video 
You should definitely check him out!
or on FB Thomas Grimm 

I don't want to spam you people too much with my pictures so I will post the other ones later!

Cheerio xoxo


"Butter London"'s spring collection's out now!
I bought 3 varnishes (I couldn't only pick one!) since they are soo lovely!

Okay, this is my petite collection including the spring colors (SC):

I feel like saying this the thousandth time: I L-O-V-E BUTTER LONDON


Freitag, 17. Februar 2012


добър ден!
Well, my mum is absolutely into venetian carnival masks and we've got that beautiful yet creepy wall in our floor with about 30 different masks.
Yesterday I stood in front of that wall (which I absolutely forgot about) and realized how beautiful they in fact are.
So this is the mask I picked to recreate:

Aaaand that is what I came up with:

It took me about 2 hours and I used:
-White greasepaint all over my face and chest
-Sugarpill's AFTERPARTY  and POISON PLUM to outline the shape of that flowery thing then I filled the contour in with the same Sugarpill shadows.
I used Lime Crime's:
to highlight contour and blend
To create a foiled effect with the gold I mixed DIVA with some OCC airbrush primer
On my lips I used Urban Decay's "24/7 glide-on lip pencil" in GASH as a base and Lime Crime's "Carousel Gloss" in KALEIDOSCOPE and some LOOP-DE-LOOP in the middle.
Then I just applied some eyelash glue here and there and added some sparkle with gold, "silver" (OCC's MIRRORBALL) and blue (OCC's BLUE) glitter.
I finished by applying fake lashes and Urban Decay's PERVERSION eyeliner & Urban Decay's "Ink for Eyes" in ZERO to the edges of the "flower".



Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012



"Brain: We must prepare for tomorrow night.
Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!"=)
Urban Decay's "24/7 glide-on lip pencil" in OZONE
OCC lip tar in RX
OCC glitter in BLUE

 (without flash with glitter)

(with flash without glitter)


Samstag, 11. Februar 2012


God Dag!
Well, well, well,..
I hope the 5 ppl who actually read my blog are not already sick and tired of me posting glittery looks! =)
But to be honest, even if they were, I'd still do it because I LOOOOVE GLITTER!
Soo,.. Here is what I used:

OCC's foundation
OCC's highlighter in PRIS
(oh, I just wish I had perfekt skin just like in the pictures! Thanks God there is photoshop!)

Urban Decay's "24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner" in SABBATH
eyelash glue
OCC's glitter in MIRRORBALL (love, Love, LOVE!!)

OCC's lip tar in STRUMPET 

Thanks much for your time<3



A quick face of the day:
OCC's airbrush foundation
OCC's HUSH blush
OCC's PRIS highlighter
Urban Decay's GASH lipliner
Lime Crime's GLAMOUR 101 lipstick


Freitag, 10. Februar 2012


nǐ hăo!
I wish everyone a great evening or morning or day! As you probably already noticed, I like dark eye make-up and I love glitter. So this is something I would wear on a night out or to go shopping or something like that =)

Okay, what I used:
OCC airbrush foundation in Y1 and Y0 (I'm loving pale faces atm) contoured with Y4 and the highlighter is PRIS and LUSTER. 
As a base I used Urban Decay's "Ink for Eyes" in ZERO then I applied Lime Crime's MEDUSA and blended the edges

To add some sparkly fun I applied lash glue to the lid and Barry M's "Glitter Dust" in # 22 on top.
Curled lashes, applied mascara, added a bit of Lime Crime's COQUETTE to my lips and voilà! 


Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012


Okay, I am back from my trip to London and  IMATS and I've got a lot to tell you!
First of all: YES I met Sam and Nic from PIXIWOO and I got lots of make-up and stuff...

My day (Saturday the 4th) began at 5:30am; I woke up, got ready and headed to King's Cross station where I met the lovely Youtube make-up guru Maxine Hughes aka "BeautifulFreak" and a subscriber of hers named Rena.
Shortly after we arrived at Alexandra Palace we met another Youtube make-up artist Anastasija Potjomkina "Rottenzombiefairy".
Within 60 minutes I got like 100 things (which I will show you in another blog post!) so that my bag weighed around 10kg (not even kidding).
The first day was very exhausting, carrying around all the things I bought, but it was much fun I tell you =)

Day 2:
The second day began with quite a shock: SNOW!
15-20 cm snow to be exact.
Mushy, wet, dirty, cold snow.
There were no busses calling at Alexandra Palace because it was too dangerous for them to drive up the hill and there were no taxis  either which meant we (a friend and 2 of his friends which I accidentally met at the tube station) had to go there by foot.
It was FREEZING and within 5 minutes my shoes were soaking wet (which is absolutely uncool when it is around -5°).

At 3pm the Q&A with Pixiwoo began.

Sam and Nic were absolutely lovely, beautiful and inspiring. I've watched them for a while now (around one year I think?) and I was so nervous seeing them in person.

The audience had many questions regarding the make-up business  and one I remember vividly was about why Nic decided to do tutorials for women who lost their hair due to cancer.
This was a very touching moment in which one could see how much of an emotional and honest person she is.
Both of them were really nice and funny and 100% like in their videos which I absolutely loved<3
I can't say enough how much I like these women!
After the Q&A we were able to take pics with them and by the time I was the next one in line I was soooo nervous that I broke down into tears :D (I don't know why but I always cry: when I am happy, sad, angry, surprised,... something must be very wrong with me!)
I just couldn't believe I was about to meet the most beautiful, inspiring and talented sisters I knew so far, they are just like heroes to me.

I'll always remember the first thing Sam said to me: "are you all right?":D
My answer:" NO! I'm about to cry,.."

First of all I had to hug Nic and tell her how happy I was for her having little Harry (look at Sam's face btw!)
The conversation went something like this:
Me:" OMG can I first hug you?"
Nic:"Sure you can!"
Me:"Congrats on Harry, I am so happy for you!"
Nic:"Aaaww, thank you. Please don't cry cause otherwise I'll start crying, too!"
Sam:"Ya, you'll ruin your beautiful make-up!"
Me:"I don't care. I am so happy to be able to meet you both here."

In the end we managed to take at least one normal picture together (in which one can't see my red eyes and my smudgy make-up! haha)
Though IMATS and London were exhausting and super expensive, I wouldn't change one thing that happened in these 6 days.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend unforgettable!

I also recorded a video! 

still exhausted