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Sonntag, 4. März 2012


 नमस्ते !

Uhm,.. yeah.
Enough confusion.
We've got that awesome shop in Hamm which I fell in love with!
It's Pro-Duo and I honestly spend a hell of a lot of my money in there (which is probably not the most intelligent thing to do)
but it's totally worth it! 
The two girls who work there (and already know me since I visit them a few times a month!) really seem to like me and they are so lovely and fun!
Which is probably the reason why it takes me about 40 minutes to buy just one item,...
Well, last friday I've been stuck in there for at least an hour again and that's what I got:

DEMI PIXIES black, 131 black, BABIES black (x2)

DEMI WISPIES black, LUCKIES black (x2) and GISELE black

And yes, I know that ARDELL lashes are real human hair and some of you might think:"why is that vegan girl not using animal hair but human hair is okay?"
And that might be an appropriate question at first sight but the reason for that being is that veganism is about ANIMALS!
It's about exploiting animals and humans give/sell their hair freely.
Yup, I think that's okay. It's just like real hair extensions.

Thanks for your time



  1. I'm a vegan who also uses human hair lashes! :) And I definitely agree with your reasoning.