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Donnerstag, 19. April 2012


Let me introduce you to an awesome band I've seen twice within the last week: Exit Ten !
They're a band from Reading, UK and are FAN-TAS-TIC! They've been touring the first time in Germany and the night this pic was shot was their first gig in Cologne.
I've been a fan of them since about 2- 2 1/2 years so I kinda freaked out when I found out that they finally were coming to Germany. Then after I saw them in Cologne I just loved their music soo much more that I decided to come to the last gig in Mannheim (which is quite far from where I live, my friend Tina and I drove for 3 1/2h to the hotel in which we stayed that night).
The concert was really good, even better than Cologne and the guys have been very kind, too bad I didn't take any pictures that night but here's one from Cologne which I really like:

I can't tell you enough how amazing they are live and everyone of them is also super nice what makes them just more awesome! 
BTW I'm not exaggerating or anything (nor I've been payed to write this! I just wish they did pay me, haha!)  it's just that I personally think they deserve much more fans  and you should definitely check them out.

But since this is a blog 'bout make-up 'n' stuff I'll show you the make-up I wore to the first gig:

Eyes: Lime Crime's SHOE ADDICT mixed with some solution and applied wet, MIRROR MIRROR  in the inner corner, black liner and mascara. DONE!
Lips: OCC's UBER and TRICK

Next time they'll play in Germany will be Devil Side Festival and you can bet your ass I'm gonna be there!  


PS: If there is any chance for you to see them live DO IT! I swear they're worth it!!!

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