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Freitag, 13. April 2012


Sometimes eye make-up is a pain to get off, especially waterproof ones!
I usually use my microfibre cloth to get rid of my make-up and then some Mario Badescu cucumber cleansing lotion but sometimes that's not enough.
"Rival de Loop" is a drugstore brand that I picked up at "Rossmann" here in Germany (just like "Boots" in the UK) and much of their stuff is vegan.
Just like this make-up remover.
It's an oily one which one has to shake up and use as usual.

Also this one is super gentle to my skin and eyes!
My eyes tend to burn due to using eye products but "Rival de Loop" did a nice job on that one!

(There one also can see the "vegan flower") 
Thank you for your attention<3 

Much love,

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