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Dienstag, 10. April 2012


Hallå! Let's go back to the good old times when we were young and cute and awesome,...Well, we're still awesome but not quite young anymore.As far as I remember I've been doing make-up.One of my earliest memories (me 4y. in 1995 maybe) was that I got some glittery  watercolor from my aunt which I loved! It was not make-up but hey, I still painted faces with it!One time (and there still exists a ficture of that!) I made up my brother (who's 4 years older) and made him wear one of my dresses (hahahaha) !!!Here's a picture of me in 3rd grade at my communion with my neighbor and his mum.(Too cute, huh? <3)
 I remember this one as if it was just taken yesterday: it's the night I went to the cinema to see "Pirates of the Caribbean". I was so in love with Johnny Depp as Captain (!) Jack Sparrow that I recreated my first (ever) make-up look =)
Thanks for your attention<3

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