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Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012


Hello and sorry!
I've wanted to write this post for more than a week BUT I've been busy, I've been really lazy and I've been sleeping and recovering a lot!
So please forgive me for my absence of motivation and health.
I've been asked to write a post about Butter London polishes and so here it is!
First of all: you might already have noticed that I have quite a lot of those little guys.
Reason for that being is that a) they are one of the only vegan/cruelty free brands I can get here in Germany without having to buy them online and b) THEY ARE EFFING FANTASTIC!
I just can compare them to a few brands I own apart from BL because I just tend to buy all my polishes in normal stores where I can also apply them and see how they actually suit me and how pigmented they are.
I also have a few Nubar and OCC polishes and one Sante polish so I think it's best if I just write a short review and profile of them:


Colors I own: #10 (metallic red with gold sparkle to it)
Opacity: good: 2 good layers and you're done
Smell: not too bad actually
Chipping: definitely! Sadly it didn't last 24 hours without chipping
Other: even with 2 thick layers it dries almost completely to a "hard finish" don't know how to describe but sometimes varnish is still soft even after it's completely dry and you will end up having imprints of your nails on your polish (I HATE THAT!!)


Opacity: STRUMPET AND ANIME are very opaque, I normally just use one layer of ANIME, PALARE is more of a sheer top coat I use over the other ones
Smell: ANIME smells more like industrial paints
Chipping:almost none (that's awesome!)
Other:the neon pink ANIME hurts in my eyes when the sun hits my nails (not kidding!)


Opacity: they are all glitter ones! VIOLET SPARKLE is quite opaque tho!
Smell: normal
Chipping: yes!
Other: if you apply them over another color sadly somehow the polishes soften the varnish underneath. Especially PIXIE DUST and TIARA which are freaking TOP COATS (to me). Well, I've stoped using them since they just ruined my manicure all the time. To be fair: I don't know how the colored polishes are! They might be great


Opacity: good: 2 layers
Smell: normal
Chipping: hardly any
Other: they stay on really well! Love the colour range, they produce very unique shades and I fell in love with almost every single one of them.

I've just recently come across a list with a few more vegan friendly brands I did not know yet (you can find it HERE )  and I will try some of them out in the future! Before I knew they were vegan I discovered A England  and fell in love with their shades right away so I was thrilled to see them on that list! I'll let you know when I try them out!
Hope this post has been useful to you<3

Mrs. Lazy

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012


Hi everyone!
First of all: I haven't been doing anything for about the last 10 days (?!) and I apolozige for that. Though my "to-do list" is about 5 meters long and I've got so many ideas what to blog about but I haven't been in the condition to do anything but to sleep 'til 3pm :D (and I was freaking enjoying it!) So this post is for Stefania aka "Momoka e Hayato", she left me a lovely comment saying she'd be excited to see a full review of all RT brushes I own. So here it is and I hope everyone enjoys it!  

General information: 
  • All brushes are made out of taklon ( "Taklon is the common name for a synthetic fiber used in artist-quality paint, makeup and pin strip brushes. It is a smooth, soft, and somewhat fragile polyester derivative devoid of any protein component or allergen elements and is therefore used in the cosmetic industries as a "green", "vegan", "allergy free" or synthetic alternative to animal hair brushes." Quote Wikipedia, thanks Wiki!)
  • The bristles are hand-cut 
  • They were designed with pro make-up artist, and one half of the Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha Chapman 
I have photographed the brushes with a Butter London polish so you get an idea of their size (I could also have used a coin but since this blog is international some of you might not know how big one Euro is).

Let's finally begin! 

Blush brush: perfect for applying blush, loose powder and bronzer all over the face.
 This brush is awesome, it's super fluffy and the shape of the brush' head is extraordinary (in fact I haven't seen a podwer/blush brush like that yet)

Contour brush: you can use this for applying  bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your face to contour but also I like to use this for cream blush, highlighter on the cheek bone and most of all I use the contour brush for concealer
You've heard right, it's amazing for concealer, especially liquid ones!

Deluxe Crease Brush: this one is rather firm which makes it easy to blend eyeshadows in the socket.
 I presonally like to use it with cream concealers and also cream shadows or to blend my eye make-up when it's already a bit "older". (sometimes I apply my cream shadow and just forget it for a few mins and then it's really hard to blend!)
Expert Face Brush: it gives you a flawless finish with creams and fluids (haven't used it with powders yet!).
 Sometimes I tend to apply too much cream blush but then I just go over my cheeks with the expert face brush and a bit of the left-over foundation on it and it would soften and erase my little mistake. 
Setting Brush: perfect for setting small areas like concealer under the eyes.
One can apply highlights to cheeks, eyebrows or the cupid's bow but it's also nice to use on the eyes if you want to lightly dust shadow on the lids.
Buffing Brush: this is one of my fav. foundation brushes (along with the expert face brush).
I like it best with fluid foundations since it really buffs the foundation into the skin and gives a lovely finish.
Base Shadow Brush: this is by far the best brush I've used for creating dramatic eye make-up so far! If somehow there would be a fire in my brush case and I could only save one brush it would be this one! It's such a multitasking brush I sometimes just use one brush for my make-up, 1. cream eyeshadow, 2. applying eyeshadow or pigments to the lids and 3. blending. DONE! 
Stippling Brush: this brush has two different types of bristles: black shorter and white longer ones. The black fibres are inbetween the long white bristles (just like two brushes in one!) and because of that the finish is extra soft when you apply foundation in circular motions. It also allows a heavier coverage when needed just by pressing/stippling the brush into the skin!
Fine Liner Brush: steady but flexible! Makes it super easy to create the perfect sharp eyeliner every 50's fan is craving for!
Pointed Foundation Brush: works well with cream products (particulary with concealers) around the eyes or if you need a bit more coverage on the cheeks.
Foundation Brush: creams and fluids, love it for moisturizer and greasepaints!
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush: though it is an eyeliner brush I mostly use it for "detail concealing" when I want a perfect base. Moles and freckles can be covered precisely with that one.
 Brow Brush: you CAN fill in your brows with this one if you want a soft and natural brow but I've never used it for that since I like sharp brows much more. It's amazing for eyeshadow under the eyes or blending cream liner tho! 
Accent Brush: lovely as a lip brush for matt lipsticks since the bristles are rather firm or concealing small areas or highlighter in the inner coner of the eye!
Detailer Brush: with this tapered brush applying concealer or lipstick is very easy, mostly I shape my eyebrows or lips with this little guy.

So, there you go! I hope this post was helpful to you and if you'd like me to review any other stuff just leave a comment!

very exhausted


Hi gals!
Okay, the Real Techniques giveaway is closed aaaaaand *drum roll* the winner is:
Congrats! I've emailed you and you have 5 days to reply, otherwise I will pick another winner!
Thanks to everyone who entered! I appreciated every lovely comment you left me and I will definitely be posting a review of all the RT brushes! (thanks to Momoka e Hayato;)


Samstag, 5. Mai 2012


Heya everyone!
This is something I saw at another blog which I like a LOT! It's by The Nailasaurus  , this girl is insane (in a good way tho!) and I love her nails.
This design is super simple, it's just a gold chain cut down to the length of your nails and glued on with some clear polish. Then as the final step I applied a good coat of a thick topcoat (or just clear polish) and the nails are done! 
I actually used an old and broken 333 gold chain 'cause I thought it would be quite fancy but any chain will work. To be honest it does not feel good on the nails and I always wanted to tear it off (maybe the reason why it didn't survive more than one day...) but I still like the look of it and also ppl came up saying they loved it!

I used my newest Butter London polish in PILLAR BOX RED which is one of the most fabulous reds I've comeacross so far. It's THE perfect red (to me).

Thanks for your attention!
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Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012


Dobré Ráno!
Along with my new OCC lip tars I ordered three polishes by OCC, here is one of them:
ANIME- you might know the color from the tars (it is actually exactly the same shade!) and it's so super bright neon pink that it actually hurts in the eyes when you look at it in the right light.
The polish dries to a matte finish and is utterly opaque, in this picture (please forgive me for the bad light) I just needed one coat which is more than brilliant!
Also it does not chip and dries very quickly.
The only thing I do not quite like about it is that it has a rather  odd smell to it, it smells like industrial paints but since it is a fantastic (!!!) polish that's more than okay.

Thanks for reading!
Don't forget my giveaway ! You can enter til the 15th of May, open worldwide, please read the rules!

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012


It's 2:30 am and I seriously still look like that!
There's not much to say except that I've been really bored and kind of  inspired by the 20's and something dead and creepy looking yet beautiful (yes, I actually like this look much!) 

It took me way too long because first I came up with a different eye make-up and then I ended up hating it and then had to remove the make-up and start over again,.. blahblahblah,..

Well, here are the few products I used:
-white greasepaint
-Lime Crime's MISCHIEF MANAGED on the lid
-Lime Crime's MEDUSA in the eye socket
-Alva's GAIA applied wet to the brows
-fake lashes
-Lime Crime's GLAMOUR 101 (blended towards the edges)
-another layer of GLAMOUR 101 and in the inner part of the lip some MISCHIEF MANAGED (also blended)