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Samstag, 5. Mai 2012


Heya everyone!
This is something I saw at another blog which I like a LOT! It's by The Nailasaurus  , this girl is insane (in a good way tho!) and I love her nails.
This design is super simple, it's just a gold chain cut down to the length of your nails and glued on with some clear polish. Then as the final step I applied a good coat of a thick topcoat (or just clear polish) and the nails are done! 
I actually used an old and broken 333 gold chain 'cause I thought it would be quite fancy but any chain will work. To be honest it does not feel good on the nails and I always wanted to tear it off (maybe the reason why it didn't survive more than one day...) but I still like the look of it and also ppl came up saying they loved it!

I used my newest Butter London polish in PILLAR BOX RED which is one of the most fabulous reds I've comeacross so far. It's THE perfect red (to me).

Thanks for your attention!
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