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Montag, 4. Juni 2012


Hey ya!

I've been away for a few days. But not just "away" like in a boring place but I've been at 
Some of you might know that, it's a huge festival in Germany with 85.000 visitors and  some of the greatest rock bands out there. This year's headliner were: Linkin Park, Metallica and Die Toten Hosen! Also I've seen Enter Shikari (again), The Ting Tings (AWESOME!), THE MOTHERF****** HIVES (BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE!) and Gossip (brilliant) just to mention a few.
It's been 3 days of standing/waiting  for hours, getting absolutely crazy in the mosh pit, dancing like insane, getting a bit of a sunburn, freezing, sweating and literally almost being crushed front row! My feet hurt, my back hurts, I've got bruises all over my body and I've lost 2kg in 3 days.
Please don't misunderstand me, it was AMAZING! Such a great experience!
So this is the idea behind this post:

How to survive a festival/concert?

A few very important things!

-Breakfast: healthy, please! You don't want to ruin your day by eating the wrong things and ending up in the tent/hotel because of bellyache. Also (if permitted) get yourself some cereal bars to snack inbetween the acts.
-Suncreen: for fair skins ( like me) at least 40+ and try to apply it 30 mins before going out into the sun AND reapply it every few hours!
-Make-up: try to avoid heavy make-up, it will melt and run down your face. Try to just use concealer (where needed), water-resistant mascara/eyeliner and cream products on the eyes (set with powders or on their own) instead. NO LASHES!
-Shoes: no flip flops or ballerinas, please! You will not be able to walk, dance or stand in those for more than an hour. Best concert/festival shoes: Converse or Vans or something similar.
-Water: you don't want to collapse in the crowd so be sure to drink enough (even if it's not that hot out there).
-Rain ponchos: best ting to carry along when the weather changes. If the venue is outside I recommend always having one in the bag.
-Belt Bag: there is enough space in it for your keys, cellphone, I.D./driver's licence, money, tissues and something to eat.
-Ear plugs: VERY important! A tinnitus is not a nice thing to have. 
-Clothes: no skirts or dresses if you are planning on dancing and being "involved". If it's hot outside wear hot pants with tights (remember it might get really freezing in the evening) and if possible get yourself a cardigan to protect from sunburn and freezing to death!
-Meds: headache pills,...

Also be aware that you are not the only person who wants to have fun so please be fair!

Don't push too hard, the peeps front row will thank you!
If there are people on the ground pull 'em up!
Be careful not to hurt anyone (yes, I mean those stupid violent dancers in the mosh pit).
Don't drop the crowd surfers (especially not onto your head).

And last but not least: just have the best time of your life celebrating an awesome night with your fav. bands! 

Over and out


  1. This is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G survival guide!! XD
    One day I really hope to go to rock am ring although it must be tiring a little bit!! :) I'm a rock/metal fan! XD
    Hope you enjoy it a lot!! You're so lucky! :D

    1. <3!! Let me know if you are coming! It's exhausting but totally worth all the pain :D