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Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012


Heya everyone!
Little update to let you know why I've been so passive the last (almost) 3 weeks:
I've been REALLY lazy (please excuse me for that!) because I've not been feeling too good,
also I was at school from 8am-4pm and therefore exhausted in the evenings. Yes, school! I'm a volunteer at my former elementary school (second grade! Too cute) but I'll start working next month again and I hope when I get my normal daily rhythm I'll be able to think straight again =)
Plus I stay at a friend's place atm (in Dortmund) and I have no chance in blogging there properly.
Please accept my apology!
I promise I will have cool stuff at the beginning of July for you! BTW if you have any suggestions or questions or stuff like that just keep it coming! I'm always interested in helping you!

Finishing this post at 4.30 in the morning o.O

Miss too busy, too tired and too lazy.

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