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Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

China Glaze- My new love

Oh, hello!
Haven't seen you in a while! I hope everyone is doing great.
Well, as I already told ya I've been in Dortmund for quite a while catsitting my friend Anna's lovely little mouser. She lives just 15 mins away from the Thier Galerie
  so I went there when I was bored and most of the time I spent in the city I was walking around shops annoying venders whether this and that product was vegan (I can be really mean when it comes to this, I can't stand people who lie to you 'bout that just trying to sell you any shit. I mean, if I ask someone if it is cruelty free  then that must be important to me and I don't want to be lied to!!)

So I found some interesting stuff that I will present to you later but this time I will show you my newest obsession: CHINA GLAZE- MIDTOWN MAGIC!
I've been loving and wearing it since I bought it 2 weeks ago and I am wearing it right now again<3
For those of you who might think  "come on, it's just a black glittery polish" I tell you: It's not!
It's more of a really really dark deep burgundy blackish color with fine gold glitter to it. I just LOVE this color. The first coat looks quite reddish why I think it's not just black but it gets darker with the second layer.
Okay, enough of my waffle of how much I love the color let's come to the most striking feature of this little magic bottle: In four days there was no chipping at all (!!) and in those four days I've worked really hard and have done some serious dish washing- just FAN-TAS-TIC!

Opacity: fantastic.
Drying time: fast.
Addictivity: very high!
Final thoughts: seriously dangerous.

Need to get more of those.

Sending love to y'all!

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  1. What a lovely color! ♥ I really like its undertones!! :D I think it's perfect for fall (if I remember right this nail polish was from metro collection from last year xD)!
    However it looks good on you!! :)