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Freitag, 20. Juli 2012


Hello beautiful people!
I have a "serious" issue that I wanted to tell you about.
Well, when I first researched vegan nail polishes I came across many brands I did not know yet.
One of them was SPA RITUAL.
Just like NUBAR the colours were nice and unique and I really wanted to try them out someday. Well, and just like NUBAR this one has extremely disappointed me in every possible way!
I honestly have nothing good to say about SPA RITUAL except for that the colours are lovely!
First of all I bought them more than 5 weeks ago! Yes, I've waited to write this review because when I first tried them out I got sooo mad that this post would  be more like a hate letter than a review (if you think this is extreme, you should have seen me when I first applied them! haha).
And also I thought maybe I would change my mind and maybe like them after all but I DO NOT!
I am sorry.
I was so excited when I bought them and the woman I got them from was lovely and gave me a discount on them when I told her I was going to review them on my blog but NO, SIR! I don't like them.
Okay, here are my reasons why those guys probably will never appear on my nails:

-they look awesome in the bottle but are not even pigmented enough to cover smoothly
-I needed 5 freaking coats of the blue/purple and green!
-I ended up with marks on my nails after they were dry just because 5 layers are TOO.EFFING.MUCH!
-the pastel yellow colour is streaky and gooey 
-3 coats are not enough to get an even coverage with the yellow one
-and the brush is annoying 

I will probably never wear them again except for as a topcoat over a base or in water marble designs.
Oh, one positive aspect 'bout them: they're vegan!
That's all I had to say.


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