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Freitag, 31. August 2012


Let me introduce you to something, you probably already know! Haha! But I just "recently" got my hands on this little helper (actually a few months ago but forgot to blog about it) and I quite like it!

*drummroll*  It's "The Brush Guard" *yaay*
ALTHOUGH I think they are much too expensive they are still a must-have!
I really like to use them after washing my brushes to keep the shape (keep in mind they will dry longer!) 
They come in three different sizes to fit every brush head. There is a very thin one for linerbrushes, two bigger ones for eyeshadow-/lip-/concealerbrushes then two for a bit bigger ones (those fit brushes like Real Techniques setting brush) and one for the really fat ones (powder, blush, kabuki, ect).  I will be doing a video on how to do your own brush guards soon (didn't forget you, Juli!) so keep checking my blog (oh this will be my first video! Of course in English) if you want to see it. Very simple and cheap


  1. There is so much I am yet to learn about make-up, I didn't know there were different types of Brushes. That's what I need your blog for.

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  2. This is great for brushes when traveling :)

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