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Sonntag, 16. September 2012



About a week ago I visited LUSH in Dortmund with my dear friend Jana ( <3 ) and the lovely ladies there were so excited bout my nails that I decided to show them how I did it.
So this one is especially for them!

First of all I applied SANGRIA by China Glaze as a base (2 coats) and let them COMPLETELY dry (very important)
 Then I picked 3 other varnishes for the blending part  (L to R: metallic red, deep plum, deep red)
 Butter London KNEES UP, Butter London LA MOSS, China Glaze EVENING SEDUCTION
 Then you need some foil 
Then you need a few cosmetic sponges (the cheap ones that one can get everywhere!)
 Add a bit of your metallic red varnish (I like to blend from brightest to darkest)

 Dab the structured side of it into your polish and work it into the sponge
The next step is to press the sponge lightly onto your nails from the tip to the middle or 2/3 of your nails
 Then it should look like this ( let dry inbetween the coats!)
 Add your darker colour now

 You have to be more careful with that one as there can be a harsh line when you don't blend well
 Then apply LA MOSS like you did before so that the most colour is at the tip and finish with your darkest varnish at the very tip of the nails
 Add a topcoat (and clean up the mess)
Left with, right without topcoat. DONE

Thanks for your attention<3