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Sonntag, 18. November 2012


Did you know that LUSH also stocks cosmetics? 
I did not which was surprising when I visited the store the last time I went shopping in Dortmund!
This lip product I picked up is quite similar to OCC's lip tar though it's not as liquid as the lip tars. There were also eyeliners but I must say they disappointed me much as they were not as pigmented as I imagined them to be (I'd probably just use them blended over the lid as a base).
Back to the lip products: they've had many different colours from bright to dark and from soft to strong but I went for this super pink blueish one (called PASSION)!
I must say I haven't worn it out yet but from what I can see from the swatches it stays on well and stains ones lips (or in this case the back of my hand) really much!
So be careful with that one.


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