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Mittwoch, 28. November 2012


All right!

I wanted to introduce you to a lovely lady I talk to on Facebook, she's a blogger, too and just gorgeous!
Say hi to Juli!
She's a food blogger from Jena, Germany and she's amazing and lovely.
I must say I am rubbish at following blogs regulary but this one I do visit at least three times a week. Unfotrunately she does blog in German so not all of you will be able to read it but she's lovely so if you ask her for any recipe she might translate it for you!
We have pretty much the same interests, she's a vegan, too, into make-up and we basically like the same kind of music so we planned on visiting a concert in London together (which unfortunately will not happen) .
Well, you should check out her blog 'cause she's amazing!  

Much love,

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  1. Love you, girl!! Thank you soo much for this!! You will have an amazing time in London even without me and tell Alexisonfire i said hi :) <3 <3 <3