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Dienstag, 27. November 2012


I might say this is the most discussed news in the vegan beauty world at the moment!

URBAN DECAY who stand for cruelty free  and vegan "beauty with an edge" are selling out to one ot the top 3 cruel make-up companies EVER!
Yes, it is true. 
After they announced they would sell their products in china (which requires animal testing) and caused a massive shitstorm so that they backed off I thought they would have learned their lesson but obviously this is not the case. 
Now L'oreal announced yesterday that they would buy out Urban Decay Cosmetics.
YES, thanks you disgusting people, that is just a stab in every vegan's and animal lover's back.
I mean seriously?!
After I found out that same thing happened to The Body Shop a few years ago I immediately stopped buying their products.
And now it's UD's turn, right?
Though both companies (UD and The Body Shop) point out they still maintain their policies and remain vegan and cruelty free I would NEVER ever buy any of their products again or support them in any possible way.
In fact this statement is just pathetic and embarrassing.
How can anyone be that cruel? I didn't expect anything good from L'oreal (in fact I did expect them to be mean, cruel and guileful) but Urban Decay disappointed me a second time and enough is enough!
I left them two comments on their Facebook saying how disappointed I am and how fucked up they are that I hate them now and that I will tell everyone I know about their cruel tampering.
Then I disliked then.
This is pretty much everything I can do to boycott them- and so do you!
If you care spread the world.
Let everyone who cares bout animals know what pathetic scum the people of Urban Decay have become.

So yeah, this is it.
This news ruined my night.
But everyone has it's number, right?
This is so fucked up.

Much love

disappointed, pissed off, full of hate and disgust.

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