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Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012


This will not be a post 'bout make-up or anything like that.
It is Wednesday as I type this which means Monday was just two days ago.
Only two days and there are no words on this planet that can describe how much I want to turn back time to go back to Monday evening just before the last Alexisonfire concert started.

Monday 7.30pm:
We arrive at the O2 Academy in Brixton, London.
There are already a bunch of people queueing in front and around the corner of the venue.
The atmosphere is a mixture of anxiousness and happiness as everyone knows what is about to come: the end.
We get in.
The show starts.

The Ghost Of A Thousand open the show as the opening act.
Let me tell you I've never seen such a good opening act and I've been to many concerts!
TGoaT announced their break-up in early 2011 after 7 years of being a band and touring with Alexisonfire, Saosin and many other bands.
Especially for this event they came back together.
Just for this one night.

They play for 45 awesome mins and then leave an amazed crowd and the stage.

The tension is huge, everyone is excited for it to begin but also no one wants it as it means the end of an era.

Lights are dimmed, people scream, the show finally begins, the sound is earsplitting.
Alexisonfire appear, "You missed us?" Yes we did.
They play for two hours, 23 songs which feel like a second.
I remember standing there in the crowd being an emotional disaster, dancing, screaming, singing and crying for about 1 1/2 hours 'til they leave the stage just to come back for a final encore of 30 mins.

As the concert comes to an end and George, Wade, Dallas, Chris and Jordan come to the front of the stage to say goodbye to their fans and all I think is "So this is continuous happiness?".
They stay for a bit  in incessant cheers and it feels like eternity, then then leave the stage.
As the lights illuminate the hall and it's clear that those were the last sounds of Alexisonfire for so many of us  that this final show is the end, people burst into tears.
I could not help myself but cried my eyes out.

We grabbed our coats and went outside to the back door where we expected the gusy to come out.
After a while of waiting in the freezing cold night finally Wade sneaked out, then George and then Dallas.
There were around 20-30 people waiting with us (which seemed really weird to me as there were so many at the concert!)
All of them were really kind and took time to talk to every one of us, take pictures and sign our stuff.
As I talked to George and took my pic with him I told him I saw them just one day after my 18th birthday back in 2009 for the first and only time and that I feel heartbroked  and very emotional 'bout their break-up.
He was so sweet and one could see that he felt the same way.
As we kept chatting he asked us where we came from and was amazed that there were people who came to the UK from France and Germany and many other countries just to celebrate this special and last concert with them.
Further he apologized for not being able to play more gigs in Europe and other places ("It was a really tough decision and we feel honestly so sorry that we left out Germany [...]")

Well, as this post is already too long I will stop now!
Just a few more words:
This night was incredible and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Yours sincerely,
devastated, heartbroken, happy and sad at the same time

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