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Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

Hi, Hi, Ho!

This was my last shoot with my friend Thomas and our gorgeous model Yasmin in Nov, '12.
I did two looks on her and this one is the second. As we had a more grungy make-up in the beginning I thought a classic look would be the best on her and she looks just fabulous if you ask me!
I kept the eyes simple with just a beige eyeshadow on the lids and some winged out gel liner plus a pale shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes.
On her lips I used my trusted OCC lip tar in 'NSFW'.


Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013


Hi y'all!
Highlights, shiny and dewy skin is about to come to us in spring/summer '13!
So this is a highlighter that I picked up a couple of weeks ago, it's by LUSH and the colour is 'FEELING YOUNGER'.
I immediately fell in love with the colour as it has a slightly  peachy/goldish undertone that makes your skin look beautiful as light hits it!
It comes in this little pot (20ml) so it has no applicator (please be hygienic! Don't stick your fingers in it,...) like the BENEFIT one has and I'd probably prefer it to be in a tube that you can simply squeeze but there comes the point of it being still a LUSH product and LUSH place value on their packaging being recycled and recyclable. So most of the products come in glass pots or without packaging.
To be honest, I do like this product a lot, it is beautiful! BUT: I can not wear it over or under foundation (or even mixed with my foundation) 'cause it will look caky. It does, however, look amazing on bare skin! My skin is really confused at the moment as it won't decide whether it will get to it's normal state or not (MEH!) but if you have beautiful skin anyway and can drop foundation this product must find it's way into your make-up kit!
On the back it even says you should mix it with your fave moisturizer and you can use it to eliminate under eye circles but I do not believe in that.
As far as I can tell it has no artificial smell, never tested on animals and is vegan<3

In this picture I applied the product above the line so you can see the difference (with flash)


PS: I'll be having a giveaway soon! Stay tuned

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013


Happy late new year, folks!
The last time I was in Frankfurt I got myself this beautiful varnish by Deborah Lippmann.
The colour is ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and it is basically a sheer dark blue varnish with blue and green and silver glitter to it. Absolutely beautiful on top of a dark (navy blue, green, black, grey) base but a nightmare to get off!