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Freitag, 12. April 2013


Hey folks,
here's something that has been waiting to be published on this blog for such a long time!
It's my friend's and mine second video together and it's been a tough one to shoot.
Imagine this situation:

Part 1:
Thomas:"Hey, Alex!"
Me:"Yeah, what's up?"
Thomas:"It's almost Halloween! Let's shoot a super creepy video!"
Me:"Cool, sounds fun! Let's do it!!"

About a week later:

Thomas:"Hey Alex! Get in the car, it's getting dark and really cold, let's drive to the forest to shoot the video in which you will just be wearing a  nightdress!"
Me: "WOW! This sounds like such a great idea!"

A few minutes later:

Me: freezing quite badly.

Part 2:

Thomas:" Hey Alex! Get your friend and let's go to that creepy and ruinous and fucking creepy as shit house in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night!"
Me:" Oh great! You always come up with such great ideas! Let's do it! It might be 7 degrees outside and I will be having to stay in the cold for several hours half-naked and freeze to death but let's get on it!"

Me after a few minutes: FUCKING FREEZING TO DEATH!

Well, yup! We made it. 
Didn't get to finish it 'til Halloween tho. Which is why we waited to release it on the following Halloween.
Here's the result, if it does not scare the shit out of you I am very disappointed in ALL OF YOU! And me. And Thomas. And basically the whole wide world. 

If you are having problems with this video try this link on youtube or visit Thomas Grimm's page for more motion pictures.

Take care! 

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