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Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013


Hellooooooooo girls (and maybe a few boys)!
Just wanted to show you the most recent shoot I've been working on with my friend Thomas Grimm!  
I actually did not have to do much as our model Camilla was beautiful anyway!
She's wearing OCC's ANIME on her lips, a bit of mascara and much highlighter around her top  lip, cheeks, on her nose and forehead and in the inner corners of her eyes.
I was basically done within 15 minutes!


Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

Birthday Girl

Oh wow, I haven't posted anything in about two months and I feel  a bit guilty.
I don't even know why, just haven't been in the mood of  doing anything and I've been busy with work, too.
Anyways, yesterday (2nd July) I turned 22.
I have been hating my birthdays since the day I turned 18. So I woke up after having the first nightmare in months with a massive headache and in the worst mood. 
Fortunately when I went for dinner with friends it got better and I/we ended up having much fun!
I am very grateful for being able to call those people my friends.
We took millions of pictures, unfortunately there are none where one could properly see the make-up I was wearing so I will just describe it quickly:
Bold black eyeliner, no shadow, OCC demure on the lips and lashes (ardell babies).

Have a great day! xoxo