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Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013


Oh my. HELP!
Today was crazy!
So basically exactly NOW I've been awake for 24h.Yep, right.
As I was finishing Japanese homework this night I noticed I had no more than 4h of sleep left so I decided to stay awake 'til uni the next morning. It is 6am now, I have not been sleeping at all and I feel horrible BUUUT at least I had time to do my make-up today which will shock my fellow students as they only know me bare faced, HA!

A guick "what's on my face": shimmery bronze e/s on the lid, matt greyish colour through the crease and under the lower lash line, black liner and LUSH lip colour in DECISIVE.


PS: One of my friends once said (after a looong night of partying and a long morning/noon of working) "Alex does not need sleep, she just needs make-up!" Haha, true!
PSS: There is not enough concealer in this world to make me look awake!
PSSS: I feel horrible
PSSSS: I am WAY too old for that!


Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013


This pic was taken MONTHS ago, yes, months! This is how much of a horrible blogger I am!

If you'd please tell me I am a bad blogger I might change this habit. Maybe not tho 'cause I tend to forget things like that quite quickly.

ANYWAYS: I do still love ombre nails. This black and red design is one of my faves ever!
I used a sorta fishnet to create the pattern and it's super easy (just make sure you use a light hand applying/stippling the colour onto your nails!) 

(IF you've never done ombre nails here's a step-by-step I did! If you want any pattern just place some lace/fishnet or anything on your completely dry nail before applying your colour!)