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Montag, 24. März 2014

I haven't blogged in two months as I ran out of ideas at the moment.
Well actually, no!
I did not run out of ideas but I still wait for the "right time" to continue blogging I guess?
My friend Anna and I are planning on moving together (FIRST FLAT! SO EXCITING!!) but this takes way more time than we thought it would! So basically we've been searching for more than two months now (ughhh!!) and until I don't have a proper place to shoot (and maybe film??...) it is too stressful to do it in my teeny-tiny room!

Buuuuuut: I've been visiting Beauty International in Düsseldorf, Germany this weekend and got a few nice things which I will show you in my next post!  

Will leave you with a picture of what I did quite a few months ago!
I thought it was fun, my boss hated it tho! She found it very creepy but I loved it!

As you might already have noticed I'm a big fan of freakish stuff like make-up that makes you look sick and this one is another attempt of doing something different: I bleached my eyebrows!


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