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Donnerstag, 27. März 2014


Hello and good bye!
NO, not yet! Two posts within two days, huh? Pretty amazing I'd say!
Just a quick 'what's on my eyes'!
So I've been growing back my eyebrows so they are all bushy and thick. Or at least they look as if they are when they are filled in, hah! 
Okay, here we go:
As a base I used a matte grey shadow on the lid with  Alva's pigment 'Autumn Joy' on top.
As for the spiky liner I mixed some Alva pigment in 'Promise' with a mixing solution and applied it in downwards strokes with my Real Techniques  'fine liner brush' to get the rough shape of the liner. Once done I filled them in with the same mixture and applied dots in between the gaps. As the last step I put another darker liner just across the lash line to darken things up. Mascara and DONE!

xoxo Alex

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