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Dienstag, 8. April 2014



Got some exciting news! 
Well, at least exciting for me: I WILL BE MOVING! Out of my parents' home. Yes.
Alex is a big girl now.
I will not be moving too far tho only about 40km from here but stiiilll!
My friend an I will be sharing a flat in a bigger city in western Germany and we are thrilled to move into our lovely first flat in June, woheey.

On top of my to-do list is finally having a proper place to be able to blog and take pics and maybe even videos (if anyone is interested!) 

Enough of that, I told you I have been to Beauty International Düsseldorf and I will not show you what I got there just yet but I will leave you with my face of that day as I loved my make-up which was kind of based on a clown. Yeaah... But I loved it and I had fun with it.
Sorry for the bad quality it was just a quick phone shot of my face in the break and the camera does not pick uo the colours correctly but here you have it:

 It was a bright blue blended eye by sugarpill in afterparty plus some dark blue eyeliner, a pink lip with an (originally) faded blue center which I changed at some point in the day to a heart. Brows, lashes, done. Loved this one much.